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We recommend that you always do your facial of a night, as you are resting and this will enable it to work effectively.



- Wet both hands with warm water, use a pea size amount of cleanser and rub it all over the face. Then use the antiseptic wipes to remove the cleanser.

- Next open your bottle of Glycolic and drop 12-18 drops on to a cotton pad, in a 10 pence shape, then place on to your face including under your eyes, as this is pure anti-ageing. Apply more Gylcolic to your most problematic areas, and time for a maximum of 10 minutes.

- Get a small cup of warm water and insert a spoonful of neutralising powder, mix the powder into the water and when the 10 mins is up, take the Glycolic off of your face and neck. Keep wiping your face until it stops tingling, then apply a finger tip of Moisturizer to your face.


Do not overload your skin the same with the moisturiser nor cleanser. The facial should take you no longer than 15 minutes

PYB 50% Glycolic Peel Kits

  • Our Glycolic acid works deep within the skin, clearing away all bacteria that causes potential inflammation or sudden break outs. Once all bacteria is cleared within the skin, it then works on top of the skin, reducing any blemishes, deep pores, pigmentation and scaring up to 80%. 

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